New York-based edtech startup YaizY raised $2.1 Million in a funding round

Children ages 8 to 17 can use the live online learning platform to acquire and improve forward-thinking talents in areas including creativity, leadership, design, and multimedia arts. Continuing the expansion of the live education platform and enabling the creation of exciting yet demanding courses for students to learn for years to come, with a customer base in the United Kingdom and Israel. Edtech startup YaizY recently announced that it has raised $2.1 million in a funding round. “We think that each child has unique interests and that it is our responsibility as parents and educators to help them discover those interests and develop the skills necessary to pursue their real calling. Our mission is to inspire kids to adopt a growth mindset, learn advanced skills, and embark on a path to becoming the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and thought influencers,” said Vitaly Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder by YaizY. According to the YaizY platform, 85 percent of youngsters complete classes from beginning to end, whereas the typical online course is only completed by 15% of learners.

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