South Africa-based software programming training academy WeThinkCode bags R9.2 million

Established in 2015, software programming training academy WeThinkCode has tried to eliminate the digital skills lack by building 1,00,000 coders in Africa over 10 years. It recently announced that it has raised R9.2 million of funding to start a new campus in Durban. The funding allocated by E Squared Investments will be given out over three years and will go towards implementing the building, team resourcing as well as expenses towards setting the fresh curriculum. “The academy is welcoming everyone. Particularly, we try to expand the number of women programmers on our program every year. Our purpose is for women to top 40% of our 600-strong student contingent. Geographical development and the addition of more women are not the only evolutionary methods occurring at WeThinkCode,” said CEO Nyari Samushonga. The progress to start a campus in Durban will allow more South Africans to enter the digital world and further develop the country’s technology abilities skill.

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