US Government to cut higher education cost to increase Indian student’s admission

US have been the hub of higher education for Indian students. But, over the past few years, admissions of Indian students in US are decreasing. Now, US Government is working at strategies to cut higher education cost so that more international students can get themselves enrolled. In 2017, the number of Indian students who were granted with US visa was 58031 but in 2018 the number decreased to 57312. US bureau of educational and cultural affairs has also planned to launch an exclusive “Education USA India” app to assist and support Indian students on how to plan for higher education in US.

“Indian students in the US are also very concerned over work opportunities after they finish their education and the fact that the H1B work permit visa lottery system has recently been weighted to open up additional spots for candidates with masters and PhD degrees from US universities is a very positive development,” said, Mr Casagrande, deputy assistant secretary for academic programs at the US bureau of educational & cultural affairs. The cut in higher education cost would increase the foreign export of the country and would provide better opportunity for Indian students to join top courses of their choices.


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