US-based ed-tech firm Udemy to enter Indian market

US-based leading ed-tech firm, Udemy, to enter into Indian education market, which is one of the fastest growing markets in terms of revenues and subscribers. The company will start its first India operations in Gurugram. Udemy is an online learning platform, which allows experts to develop courses on thousands of topics and share their knowledge. It is one of the best places to increase your intensity of understanding on the remarkable topics. The company offers 1,00,000 courses with 30 million subscribers and 42,000 instructors under its network.

Apart from regular courses, Udemy provides subscription-based e-learning programs such as Business, IT & Software, Design, Marketing, Photography, Music etc. The content is available in over 50 languages. In India, Udemy will be competing with Bangalore based ed-tech firm, Byju’s. Apart from Byju’s, Udemy will be competing with Coursera, UpGrad, Udacity, Embibe and others.