Kerala Government to Introduce text books with QR codes in schools

Kerala Government announced to introduce textbooks with QR codes in schools. The QR code is a type of two-dimensional barcode used for providing easy access to information through a smartphone or camera. In the first stage, this system will be implemented for IX and X classes from the coming academic year. The students will receive the QR code before the starting of the academic year.

To enable the content, a mobile phone application named Diksha has been developed by the MHRD, which will help to scan the QR code. DIKSHA, which stands for Digital Infrastructure for Knowledge Sharing is a national platform, which hosts open educational resources and teacher-related information. Students and teachers just have to download the mobile application “DIKSHA” and after that, they just have to scan their QR code to get access to all the  information. With the help of this platform students will get additional study material also so implementation of this system would assist the students to understand the concepts related to a particular subject very well.