Tencent introduces AI technology driven labs for students

Tencent, a Chinese internet giant has launched a new education brand “Tencent Education”. Tencent’s other businesses are facing many challenges that’s why they are pushing themselves in the education sector. The announcement was made at the Tencent Global Ecosystem Summit in Kunming. Tencent has also come up with a new smart education lab, which is an Artificial Intelligence lab. The new education segment has been divided into different segments that include individuals, education institutions and education management. This will help the company to operate thoroughly with other education companies and institutions. Tencent has been exploring the use of AI in education since very long, which includes the use of AI tools in WeChat for schools. Recently Tencent led $24 million in a funding round to Prowler.io, Cambridge based AI startup along with the participation from Pearson. With the help of AI in labs, Tencent would help students to learn in a more innovative and interactive manner, which would increase the learning efficiencies of the students.

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