Students learning Hindi in Tamil Nadu rising as CBSE schools mushroom

Even after the inclusion of three language formula in New Education Policy, the number of students learning Hindi is steadily increasing. This indicates that the problem is not with learning a language but, imposing the language on students. 10 years ago, there were only 98 CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu and now there are more than 950 institutions affiliated to CBSE. In academic session 2018-19, less than 10,000 students appeared for the exam (Parichaya, the preliminary exam)in July as compared to 30,000 in February because many students don’t want to appear for such exams in the beginning of their academic year. “In Chennai, those with Hindi in the school syllabus are more keen on learning the language through these exams (Parichaya, the preliminary test)”, said S Jeyaraj, general secretary of the Sabha. It is always better to know more languages as it improves the probability of getting employed and improves communication level.

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