Skill based education gives security and satisfaction to students, says Mr. Tawde

In today’s world of education, schools are more focusing on skill based education rather than theory based education. Theory exams are being replaced by skill based exams and practical examination. Skill based education will give a feeling of satisfaction to students unlike conventional education. For example, a travel agent who is an expert in travel arrangements is in huge demand and it’s only because of the skill he possesses. “It is the skills that a student acquires during his education which are more important than a mere degree,” said, Vinod Tawde, Higher and Technical Education Minister of Maharashtra. Mr. Tawde was addressing students at Symbiosis Skills & Open University in an Induction program. SB Mujumdar, the Chancellor, Swati Mujumdar, the pro-chancellor and Charudatta Pathak, the vice chancellor of Symbiosis Skills & Open University were also present at the program.

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