Should strengthen data on children with disabilities to monitor their education: UNESCO

A report found that there are fewer girls with disabilities in schools than boys. According to a report by UNESCO, strengthening data on children with disabilities would help in effective organizing, monitoring and implementation of their education. There is a need for awareness, which can develop the approach towards children with disabilities in classrooms. “A school can only be inclusive when all its students are able to access its resources and participate in its activities without exception. Children with disabilities should not be left behind,” said Eric Falt, Director, UNESCO New Delhi. According to the report, one fourth of the children aged between 5 to 19 have disabilities and do not attend any educational institution. A report by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), said that transformation of teaching practices is the need of the hour, which would help to counter challenges like inadequate allocation of resources, delays in releasing funds and underutilization of allocation.

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