1083 schools in Haryana to face shutdown threat

The Government of Haryana has released a list of schools those will be enforced to shut down if they don’t apply for recognition. A school needs to be recognized by state education department before getting affiliation from CBSE or Haryana Board. In the Gurugram city alone, there are more than 90 schools that are unrecognized and will face closure. “We have made some rules for schools in state for their betterment, but if they don’t abide by them, we will take necessary action.” said, PK Das, Chief Secretary, Department of School Education.

This strict rule of government may affect the education of about 2 lakh children in state (18,000 in Gurugram). Private school owners have been urging the central government to grant them recognition but before that schools need to have the basic requirements listed by the department. This step of government will help parents to enroll their child only in recognized schools, which will make the education system more genuine.