ReUp Education, an ed-tech startup to Help Colleges Re-Enroll Stop-Outs has Raised $6M

ReUp Education has raised $6 million Series A funding round, led by TDM Partners and Hereditas Capital Management. Existing investors Serious Change, Strada Education Network, Impact Engine, Michelson Runway and Bisk Ventures participated in the round. ReUp helps colleges and universities find and re-enroll students who have stopped out of higher education. “Students don’t always leave college because they can’t handle the academic rigor. A life event usually interrupts their studies but students shouldn’t suffer for it” says Sarah Horn- CEO of ReUp Education. ReUp partners with universities and community colleges to find, engage and empower students who have left school to return, navigate a path to complete their degrees, and achieve their goals. ReUp communicates with students through phone, email, text messaging and social media. The Company pays each semester the students attend. Over the past two years, Reup has helped over 8,000 students to get back to more than 30 partner universities and colleges. The company aims to help students to leverage prior investments in education to put them on a path to higher wages.

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