Rahul Gandhi promises to spend 6% of GDP on education

Addressing an election rally, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that, if elected, his government will spend 6% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education. 6% of India’s GDP is really a huge investment. Average spending of GDP on education is 5% in USA. In 2019, government has planned to spend ₹93.8 crore. Currently, India is spending just 2.7% of GDP on education, which is far behind many developing nations.

This 6% on education will be more than the double allocated to education. “We will make sure all our people have access to top quality education. Those who cannot afford education will get a scholarship,” said Rahul Gandhi. If 6% is being spent on education, it would improve the standard of education in India and these standards would improve the infrastructure, literacy rate and quality of education in India.