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10 May, 2021 Because of the surge in coronavirus cases all over the nation, CBSE grade 12 board examinations can be delayed till July. So far, there has been no support for the same…..

10 May, 2021  Erase All Kittens, a London-based edtech startup that built a “Mario-style” web-based game created for children between the age group of 8-12. Though, the game has a…..

08 May, 2021  The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently launched a unique mobile application–‘Dost for Life’–for the psychosocial well-being of learners while the….

08 May, 2021 Founded in 2012, Norway-based edtech company Kahoot has made a huge business out of gamifiying learning and building a platform for users to create their own…..

07 May, 2021  The government of Karnataka has recently chosen to close down all the schools in the state for summer holidays with instant effect because of the increase in…..

07 May, 2021  Founded in 2018, with an accumulated user-base of more than 1.5 million students with a 50/50 division between higher education learners and K12 students, and with….

06 May, 2021 To increase the mentoring ability of instructors for training innovative plans from students, the Central Board of Secondary Education, in partnership with the Education…..

06 May, 2021  Founded in 2018, by two female college students at KAIST, to manage the hurdles they faced as students. Now used by over 3,700 companies globally, CLASSUM…..

05 May, 2021  Recently, the Supreme Court has ordered 36,000 private unaided schools of Rajasthan to take 15 percent fewer yearly fees from students in the academic year 2020-21….

05 May, 2021 Online teaching platform Teachmint recently announced that it has secured $16.5 million (nearly Rs 120 crore) in a Series A financing round. The latest funding round was…..

04 May, 2021  Due to the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Education yesterday urged all the centrally-funded institutions to defer offline examinations programmed…..

04 May, 2021  Thrive an education technology startup which is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has recently announced that it has secured $180,000 in its initial funding stage as it remains….

03 May, 2021 The Central Board of Secondary Education has recently declared a policy for the tabulation of scores for grade 10 board examinations which have been dropped because…..

03 May, 2021  The company runs an online education platform in French and English. Users can select among 54 training courses and get a certificate at the end of the course. Some of…..

01 May, 2021  The Himachal Pradesh government recently declared the continuation of the closing of all educational institutions across the state. The government had previously….

01 May, 2021 Washington, D.C. based Class Technologies, Inc., founded in 2020, which is earlier known as ClassEDU, recently announced that it has secured $12.25 million funding to…..

30 Apr, 2021  Founded in 2015, Mumbai-based edtech company upGrad recently announced that it has raised $120 million. The latest funding round was led by a global investment…..

30 Apr, 2021  As coronavirus diseases remain to rise in the state, the state government recently declared that the Educational institutions in Haryana will remain closed till May 31, 2021….

29 Apr, 2021 The Punjab Cabinet has recently decided to provide smartphones to 2.15 lakh grade 12 students from the ongoing academic year. The phones will help seamless e-…..

29 Apr, 2021  Honorlock, a Boca Raton-based education technology company that gives on-demand online exam proctoring assistance, allowing schools and universities to give remote…..

28 Apr, 2021  The Assam Government has recently announced the closing of all educational institutes from pre-primary to university standard till May 11 in districts with above 300….

28 Apr, 2021 Established in 2020, Kidato is an online school for K-12 learners that gives high-quality, affordable learning to the developing average class in Africa, where parents must…..

27 Apr, 2021  Coding is recognized as the most wanted skill of the 21st century and has become one of the highest paying and steady career options for many. The National Education…..

27 Apr, 2021  Established in 2012, LEAD School unites pedagogy, technology, and curriculum into an open system of education and studying to build affordable private schools. It….

26 Apr, 2021 After declaring the delay of grade 12 board examinations and cancellation of grade 10 examinations, the Central Board of Secondary Education has recently chosen to put…..

26 Apr, 2021  Databank’s edtech solution provides English mock test-takers automated scoring and instant feedback on their verbal and typed explanations. The self-regulation of the…..

24 Apr, 2021  The Delhi Government recently announced the discontinuing of online lessons in private schools while the summer holiday, which commenced on April 20 and will last till….

24 Apr, 2021 CoLearn started its online platform in August 2020 and has estimated to approach 3.5 million students. It has set up a technology team in India and intends to increase its…..

23 Apr, 2021  State Minister for Higher and Technical Education Uday Samant recently announced that all state public universities will conduct their examinations, including final-year…..

23 Apr, 2021  Quality higher education in India, and the world, is truly expensive, costing everywhere between Rs 2 lakh to Rs 25 lakh, annually. For also middle-class Indian families, the….

22 Apr, 2021 As the saying in English goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy”. It has been ignored that educational training and sports education complement each other…..

22 Apr, 2021  Great Learning, one of the leading global edtech companies for experts and higher education, recently announced the launch of MIT Professional Education’s Applied Data…..

21 Apr, 2021  The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has recently announced the launch of two online certificate Courses. The initial program is data science and machine learning….

21 Apr, 2021 UGC NET 2021 May examination for December cycle has been deferred. National Testing Agency or NTA has recently announced its judgment to delay the UGC NET 2021…..

20 Apr, 2021  Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has launched a fresh programme – M. Tech in Very Large Scale Integration for Industry experts. It is a drive of the Department of…..

20 Apr, 2021  To give greater possibilities to youth in the nation, Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ recently declared that the government has expanded the number….

19 Apr, 2021 Due to the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic, Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav recently notified that open-book examinations will be conducted…..

19 Apr, 2021  Established in January 2020, LearnVern, an edtech platform which is based in Ahmedabad and it provides job-oriented programs in vernacular languages. The edtech…..

17 Apr, 2021  Recently, the government of Rajasthan has directed all the universities and colleges to defer the end-term examinations for the academic session 2020-21. The….

17 Apr, 2021 Recently, Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ has virtually started ‘DuroKea Series’ formed by the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad researchers named…..

16 Apr, 2021  Apart from many difficulties, the coronavirus pandemic has also made e-learning the necessity of the time. As many states declaring the closing of educational institutions…..

16 Apr, 2021  Proceeding with their series of accomplishments in the new year, IIM Sambalpur, the handcrafted IIM, launched their first Executive MBA degree program for working….

15 Apr, 2021 According to the officials, the lectures for the undergraduate and postgraduate students will remain in the ‘online form only’ in all the colleges, while the research students…..

15 Apr, 2021  In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, the central government has recently declared the cancellation of CBSE board examinations for grade 10 and deferred grade 12…..

14 Apr, 2021  Jaro Education has always been determined about building skilled experts for the ever-booming Digital Industry. Recently it has announced its collaboration with IIM….

14 Apr, 2021 Recently, the Hero Group has launched “Hero Vired” a premium edtech firm for working experts and higher education candidates in India. The new EdTech investment will…..

13 Apr, 2021  Deputy Chief Minister CN Ashwatha Narayan recently announced that Karnataka’s Higher Education System cannot conduct its yearly examinations online. In the current…..

13 Apr, 2021  IIT Madras and Narayanan Family Foundation recently announced the launch of a new fellowship named “Artificial Intelligence for Social Good”. The candidates will get a….

12 Apr, 2021 In view of rising cases of COVID-19, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar recently stated that the Haryana government has chosen to close primary and secondary schools…..

12 Apr, 2021  Founded in 2014, the edtech platform has been giving students video content and educational sources to support them clear their board examinations. Now nearly 86…..

10 Apr, 2021  Due to a large increase in coronavirus pandemic cases in the capital, along with other parts of the nation, recently, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced the closure of….

10 Apr, 2021 As per the study conducted by UNESCO, to reach global education requirements 68 million more instructors are needed: 24 million for primary and 44 million for secondary…..

09 Apr, 2021  Amid a wave in COVID-19 pandemic cases, above one lakh students of grades 10 and 12 have acknowledged appeals asking the government to either drop board exams…..

09 Apr, 2021  Founded in 2020, AntWak provides above 1,000 free, bite-sized professional education programs in 15+ domains such as cybersecurity, data engineering, digital marketing….

08 Apr, 2021 Central Board of Secondary Education has recently circulated a notification to CBSE affiliated schools in concerns the Board Examinations 2021 evaluation. The board has…..

08 Apr, 2021  Crejo.Fun was established by IIM Bengaluru alumni Vikas Bansal and Ankit Agarwal last year. Edtech startup Crejo.Fun recently announced that it has raised $3 million in a…..

07 Apr, 2021  Bengaluru based edtech unicorn, founded in 2011, Byju’s has recently announced that it has acquired a 33-year-old chain of offline coaching centres, Aakash Educational….

06 Apr, 2021 The Central Board of Secondary Education and All India Council for Technical Education has recently announced their collaboration and have signed a memorandum of…..

05 Apr, 2021  India is one of the countries in the world where we have 50% of the population which is below the age of 25. The adoption of technology has rapidly increased in the Indian…..

05 Apr, 2021  Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani declared that Classes 1 to 9 will be shut for an undetermined period from 5 March due to re-rise in COVID-19 cases in the state….

03 Apr, 2021 Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, earlier this year, CBSE decided to cut the syllabus for the 2020-21 Board Exams by 25-30%. According to the new curriculum, the…..

03 Apr, 2021  Founded in 2015 by two Standford Alumni, Seoul, South Korea-based Ringle has recently announced that it has raised $8.9M in a Series A funding round. This funding…..

02 Apr, 2021  Because of the rising cases of coronavirus the Delhi government decided not to hold any regular physical classes from the new academic session commencing….

02 Apr, 2021 Founded in May 2020, SkilloVilla is a platform where one can operate on their skills and get way to organizations anywhere over the globe, irrespective of one’s education…..

01 Apr, 2021  CBSE Secondary and senior school curriculum 2021 notice has been issued. The Central Board of Secondary Education yearly gives a curriculum for grades 9 and 12 for a…..

01 Apr, 2021  Founded in 2020, with an aim to allow kids between the age group of 13 and 18 years to create and invent their own career pathways in the 21st century. The company…..

31 Mar, 2021 After the board’s initial general body gathering, officials released that the Delhi government intends to include the usage of Artificial Intelligence and game-based methods…..

31 Mar, 2021  Founded in 2019, Abwaab is an online education platform that provides secondary school students in MENA to study at their own pace, examine themselves and get…..

30 Mar, 2021  Bengaluru-headquartered ed-tech unicorn BYJU’s has raised Rs. 3,328 Crore ($460 Million) in a Series F Funding Round, making it the second most valued Startup in India…..

28 Mar, 2021 As more and more cases are being identified daily all across the nation, multiple states have announced the closing of their educational institutions. The Himachal…..

27 Mar, 2021  Jaipur based Handa ka Funda, which provides online coaching for multiple competitive exams has been acquired by ed-tech unicorn Unacademy. The edtech platform…..

26 Mar, 2021  Bengaluru-based Edtech Startup Masai School has recently announced that it has raised $5 million led by Omidyar Network India in a Series A funding round. Existing…..

26 Mar, 2021 As India is developing, the Education system is also flourishing four-folds. From selling jewellery to borrowing money from relatives, parents keep no stone unturned in…..

25 Mar, 2021  Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ launched NCERT Curriculum-based Comics on March 24 for the students of classes 3 to 12. The comics will be…..

25 Mar, 2021  Alison, one of the world’s largest free education and empowerment platforms provider, recently announced that it has acquired Dash Beyond, a Hyderabad-based edutech…..

24 Mar, 2021 The Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ will be announcing another initiative of the Central Board of Secondary Education i.e. assessment framework for…..

24 Mar, 2021  Edge Pathways is binding the STEM hole by supporting more students to become engineers. This new & effective Pathways course, which allowed services in partnership…..

23 Mar, 2021  Due to the spike in coronavirus cases, the Rajasthan government has recently decided not to hold any exams from grades first till fifth in State-run Schools in the ongoing…..

23 Mar, 2021 Established in 2016, Acktec Learn is an artificial intelligence immersive learning platform, that supports educational associations and institutions change their existing…..

22 Mar, 2021  Due to the hike in cases of COVID-19 cases, many of the States and Union Territories have both closed educational institutes previously or are thinking it. By February…..

22 Mar, 2021  Founded in 1998, at present utilized by 12 million learners and by schools in 95 of the 100 best districts, IXL is a mixed education platform that supports personalized…..

20 Mar, 2021 The Territorial Administration of Puducherry has recently announced the closing of all schools for grades 1 to 8 from March 22 till May 31. The vacations apply to all…..

20 Mar, 2021  Korean edtech startup Riiid Labs, the global branch of Riiid, a giant in AI education solutions, has recently signed a new collaboration contract worth around $3 million in…..

19 Mar, 2021  IT dominant Amazon Web Services or AWS and NITI Aayog have recently announced a collaboration to prepare students about the basics of cloud computing by Atal…..

19 Mar, 2021 Bengaluru-based edtech company iNurture, which gives higher education courses in India, has recently announced that it has raised Rs 71.5 crore or around $10 million…..

18 Mar, 2021  Subject to the COVID-19 condition, as the coronavirus cases are again on the rise, and many states have shut the educational institutions for the safety of the students…..

18 Mar, 2021  Founded in 2018, the unique African edtech startup has recently announced that it has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Zoom’s EdInnovation Award…..

17 Mar, 2021 Hybrid classrooms join both face-to-face classroom education and the utilization of technology or online education. Hybrid instruction tries to provide students the most…..

17 Mar, 2021  Bengaluru-based overseas education platform Leap, founded in 2019 which operates Leap Finance and Leap Scholar, has recently announced that it has raised $17 million…..

16 Mar, 2021  The Union Education Ministry has directed all the institutions which are accredited by the All India Council for Technical Institutions to allow Artificial Intelligence as an…..

16 Mar, 2021 Finalsite, a global leader of educational technology and marketing platform of 6,000+ schools and universities in over 108 nations, recently announced that it has acquired…..

15 Mar, 2021  As Schools, Colleges and all other Educational Institutions have been shut since March 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and in many states schools are still…..

15 Mar, 2021  Arco, a Brazilian EdTech company that creates educational solutions, has recently announced that it has acquired an online educational solution provider company…..

13 Mar, 2021 As we all know that the dominant means of communication all over the globe is English and it has become an imperative language to study and learn for kids. The growth…..

13 Mar, 2021  Founded in 2020, Singaporean digital learning startup KOCO recently announced that it has raised SGD700k from undisclosed investors. This financing comes at an…..

12 Mar, 2021  Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has recently announced that Delhi government schools will have a new syllabus for the students of nursery to grade 8 and the…..

12 Mar, 2021 Established in 2018, Sweden-based imagiLabs, a female-founded startup that offers coding to young girls, has announced that it has raised €250K in pre-seed funding to…..

11 Mar, 2021  Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education announced its collaboration with Intel to launch AI Student Community, which a platform where all learners can come…..

11 Mar, 2021  Established in 2013, Preply is an online learning platform uniting more than 40,000 bookable teachers training 50 languages to thousands of learners in 180 nations…..

10 Mar, 2021 According to the officials, in Andhra Pradesh, the amazing response to the Government Schools because of the advancement in the Education Models has occurred in a…..

10 Mar, 2021  Quizizz, an edtech startup that supports educators through instantly designed gamified tests and interactive sessions that create immediate student feedback without…..

09 Mar, 2021  Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently declared that like the other states in India, Delhi will also have its own School Education Board. Consent for the creation of the…..

09 Mar, 2021 Established in 2018, NPX Point Avenue strives to allow students in Thailand, Vietnam, and Southeast Asia international-level education at affordable prices. Providing to…..

08 Mar, 2021  A Gurgaon based edtech startup “Questt” has raised ₹9.6 crore in a seed funding round. The funding round was led by Chiratae Ventures, AET Fund along with the…..

08 Mar, 2021  Bengaluru based online tutoring application company “Vedantu” has acquired Instasolv for an undisclosed amount. Instasolv is a Noida based edtech startup which helps…..

06 Mar, 2021 Recently, the Central Board of Secondary Education has issued an updated date sheet for the grade X and XII board examination which will be conducted from 4th May to…..

06 Mar, 2021  Established in 2015, software programming training academy WeThinkCode has tried to eliminate the digital skills lack by building 1,00,000 coders in Africa over 10 years…..

05 Mar, 2021  According to the UNICEF report, the closing of around 1.5 million schools because of the coronavirus pandemic and the resultant lockdowns in 2020 has affected 247…..

05 Mar, 2021 Established in 2013, Ofabee’s, which allows coaching and training institutions to start their own applications, sell courses and websites to students all over the world…..

04 Mar, 2021  Telangana Education Department recently announced that All grades which are above Upper Primary grades will have annual exams in the offline mode this year as the…..

04 Mar, 2021  Founded in 2019, and further opened in Vietnam in January 2020, joins online and offline education by giving a mobile application and additions it with offline education…..

03 Mar, 2021 Life-long knowledge and upskilling have been enormous fields for the extension for several edtech platforms, because of the pandemic and the ongoing economic…..

03 Mar, 2021  As we are living in a tech-savvy world that is quickly growing because of the advancement in digitization. With more latest technologies, we are getting shown higher…..

02 Mar, 2021  According to the officials, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has recently declared that it will conduct the grade 12 board examinations from April 9…..

02 Mar, 2021 Founded in 2018, Uptime is a free, next-generation edtech application that offers five-minute learning hacks from the world’s most helpful books, documentaries, and…..

01 Mar, 2021  The Delhi government has recently issued guidelines to its schools for evaluation of students up to grade 8, ruling out pen-paper exams and rather, asking them to grade…..

01 Mar, 2021  Fourthrev, founded in 2019 builds world-class online learning programs that lead to qualifications from leading universities, certifications from the world’s best.…..

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