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15 Jan, 2022 Technology has played and continues to play an essential role in delivering education to children outside of the classroom. According to Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, Founder…..

14 Jan, 2022 Founded in 2012, LEAD is an educational technology company that helps schools integrate technology, curriculum, and pedagogy into a single pedagogy and education…..

13 Jan, 2022 Freadom, which was launched in 2016, assists youngsters in learning to read in English in any country where it is a desired second language. According to the team, they….

12 Jan, 2022 GoStudent is a digital learning platform that provides online instruction as well as paid individual classes in all topics. The company wants to help students attain their full…..

11 Jan, 2022 EdifyOnline facilitates online courses, minimises student dropouts, boosts student enrolment in education institutions, reduces educational costs, and provides students…..

10 Jan, 2022 ESpark is a major developer of individualised learning software that enables students to enjoy studying and achieve academic and life success. The platform offers….

07 Jan, 2022 Campus 365 Edunet Pvt Ltd, a Bengaluru-based edtech platform that provides cloud-based choices for universities and institutions to manage their day-to-day operations…..

06 Jan, 2022 Pandai is a learning software that focuses on K-12 studying and assessment in order to aid college students perform better in class. Pandai allows students to study using…..

05 Jan, 2022 The Covid-19 epidemic ushered in a slew of hitherto unthinkable innovations. One such development that was already in the works and was thrust to the forefront by the….

29 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2019, Dhurina is a platform that enables learners to receive a high-quality education at a lower cost. It is a mobile app and an e-learning platform that helps…..

28 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2021, online instructors may administer and build their classrooms with the Kohbee online application, which is accessible on the Google Play Store. The app…..

27 Dec, 2021 According to the New Education Policy, CBSE will add more disciplines under skill education, such as photography and digital printing, to assist students in finding jobs. RP….

22 Dec, 2021 Launched in 2016, it is a simple and easy classroom participation which allows students to share their devices with the entire class or small groups of learners for…..

21 Dec, 2021 The Bangalore-based fintech giant, Razorpay, India’s industry leader in payments processing, has recently announced the completion of a $375 million Series F fundraising…..

20 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2021, PingoLearn offers language learning packages that include small video classes that are inspired by real-life interactions. The majority of language….

17 Dec, 2021 Launched in 2021, Edukoya is K-12 education and exam preparation portal that offers a free additional learning platform as well as subscription plans with high-end…..

16 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2018, Practically caters to children in grades six through twelve, with a concentration on STEM study, and incorporates Augmented Reality (AR), simulations…..

15 Dec, 2021 Tamil Nadu’s schools for grades 6 to 12 will reopen on January 3. The state administration prolonged lockdown with further restrictions on Monday (December 13) in….

14 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2016, Klassroom began with the goal of addressing all of the issues that parents and students had about quality education, interactive educational technique…..

13 Dec, 2021 Launched in 2019, Authoritive is a company that creates unique educational experiences for professionals and artists using messaging technologies. Authoritive enables…..

11 Dec, 2021 Founded in 2018, Atom Learning creates learning materials that adjust to a user’s level of understanding using artificial intelligence (AI). The technician can tell the learner….

10 Dec, 2021 The company began in 2019, offers K-12 pupils a product pack of SD cards and dongles with pre-recorded videos. The company also has the option of streaming classes…..

09 Dec, 2021 The company creates online learning programmes for customers to learn languages and occupational skills, facilitating interactions through video conferences and text…..

08 Dec, 2021 Children ages 8 to 17 can use the live online learning platform to acquire and improve forward-thinking talents in areas including creativity, leadership, design, and….

07 Dec, 2021 PlanetSpark, established in 2016 by Maneesh Dhooper and Kunal Malik, provides live 1:1 public speaking and innovative writing classes for kids aged 4 to 16. A ‘Wow’…..

06 Dec, 2021 LingoAce, which was established in 2017, is a leading language learning platform that enables children aged 3 to 15 to learn Mandarin Chinese online through an…..

26 Nov, 2021 Founded in 2021, For kids aged eight to eighteen, the startup concentrates on a particular instance live learning environment. This is done in order to expand their….

25 Nov, 2021 Founded in 2018, Edvizo claims to partner with 3,100 institutions, with over 73,500 enrolled students and over 1.4 lakh registered users on its platform. In 2019, Edvizo was…..

24 Nov, 2021 Founded in 2018, Pintek is a financial technology firm with an aim to become a primary driver of educational change through financial services technology. Over 2,750…..

23 Nov, 2021 Education is essential for everyone, despite age, although the education sector is primarily focused on the younger generation. In the long run, this causes older people to….

20 Nov, 2021 Because the number of coronavirus infections has decreased, the Haryana government decided recently to restart physical education sessions at full capacity beginning…..

19 Nov, 2021 Founded in 2020, Inzpira is a live language learning and soft-skills training platform for adults and children that is powered by artificial intelligence. Inzpira is changing the…..

18 Nov, 2021 Founded in 2014, Since Vietnam’s digital economy is one of the world’s fastest-growing, the country is experiencing a rising scarcity of IT personnel. Many children want to….

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