National Education Policy need some relook, says science academies

According to some education experts, the drafted National Education Policy (NEP) contains many comprehended suggestions, but it also has some radical changes that may spoil the fabric of education system. Our country is facing many other education problems like outdated syllabus, poor infrastructure and poorly trained education staff, these major issues are big concern for the school education. “An alternative approach could be to add novel elements to strengthen existing diverse academic structures that have evolved organically, in some cases over a century, while adapting to the diversity and region-specific realities of the Indian education eco-system, the academies said. Three chief science academies in the country — Indian National Science Academy (New Delhi), Indian Academy of Sciences (Bengaluru) and National Academy of Sciences, India (Allahabad) are in favor of making some radical change in the National Education Policy that may improve the school education system.


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