MEL Science Raises $6 Million to Bring STEM to Life with Kits and VR

England based an edtech startup MEL Sciences has raised $6M in a funding round led by TMT Investments. Yandex, a Moscow internet service company also participated. The company has raised $12M to date. The company’s name MEL stands for “more efficient learning”. It provides a mixed set of the physical chemistry lab and virtual reality programs through a subscription-based plan. There are 36 labs kits in total and every month MEL sends one of the total kits to its subscribers which covers topics from crystals to corrosion. For the first-month lab kit is free of cost with a VR headset till now and from next month company charges $34.90 a month for each kit. The company has its products for children 9 to 13 years old. MEL lessons include the properties of atoms, ionization and fusion. Through the VR headsets, students can experience the world at the microscopic level. MEL has 28 VR lessons and each ends up to seven minutes. Till now these lessons cover chemistry today but the company is planning to create content on physics and biology also. MEL aims to explain science concepts at the microscopic level as it would easy for children to understand the concepts as small as an atom. Also, it will create interest among the students for science.


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