Sri Lankan edtech startup Magicbit raised $120k in a pre-seed funding round

Founded in 2019, Magicbit’s platform empowers children as young as ten years old to generate plans based on artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, and electronics. Magicbit, an online Science, Mathematics education, and Technology Engineering, start-up, recently announced that it had raised $120K in a pre-seed financing round. Magicbit got the latest funding round through Sri Lanka’s Angel Fund. According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Magicbit, Migara Amithodhana, the startup intends to fill the break formed by the BBC micro:bit, a small computer that teaches how hardware and software work collectively and Raspberry Pi, a mini-computer that can be utilized to determine how to process in languages such as Python and Scratch. Magicbit has amassed a network of over 5,000 STEM enthusiasts, according to Amithodhana. Angel Fund is a branch of Lanka Angel Network (LAN) that participates in and accelerates seed investment for start-ups.


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