African edtech startup Kabakoo Academies raised funding from Zoom

Founded in 2018, the unique African edtech startup has recently announced that it has secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Zoom’s EdInnovation Award. Kabakoo Academies has been declared as a no-code explorer and the leading edtech in the region that allows people to create and expand applications without coding in West Africa in March this year with a detailed 20 young students taking part. The course has been defined as “Intensive FullStack” and is being managed in cooperation with Contournement, a European organization that has led no-code education. The training intends to provide young Africans with abilities and talents that make them employable. Throughout the course, the picked participants will be trained by skillful trainers and become completely experts in no-code tools to build websites, data management projects, mobile applications, and automation.

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