Interim budget allocation for Education Sector 2019-20

On 1 February 2019, The central government has presented the interim budget for the year 2019-18. Piyush Goyal has allocated ₹93,848 crore – 3.3% of total budget expenditure for the education sector. This time the allocation on education sector is increased by approximately 10% from the past allocated budget of ₹85,010 crore. Out of the total amount, ₹37,461 crore has been allocated for higher education and ₹56,387crore allotted for K-12 education. The Finance minister has announced that technology will be the key force area of this year budget and gradually moving towards digital boards from chalkboards. MHRD has also launched a dedicated digital platform named “Diksha”, which is developed to empower K-12 teachers and would also provide innovative tech-based solutions for the classrooms as well. This time the budget allocated is dedicated in making the Indian Education system digitised and accessible by all students

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