India lags behind China in education but beats in number of schools

A study released by NITI Aayog that over the last decade in India, 100% enrolment target in primary schools has been nearly met. But India still lacks the problem of quality in providing better classroom learning experience. Because of huge population size, India has adopted the strategy of building schools near every residence. India nearly has 3-4 times the number of schools than China, despite of almost similar size population.

Currently, India has 15 lakh schools, whereas, China has 5 lakh schools. Student Teacher Ratio (STR) in India is 35:1, as of 24:1 in China. And average STR in world is also 24:1. It’s very common to find a quality teacher in urban areas, while a single teacher is managing 100 students in rural areas. Quality teachers are inadequately distributed in India. The solution to this problem is to increase investment in teacher recruitment through better planning and by proving proper training to teachers.