Google launches “Bolo” app for primary school children

Student’s belonging to economically weaker section often face problems in reading and understanding simple text books in Hindi and English. “Bolo” app would help students to overcome this challenge. The app aims to help students to improve their language reading abilities. According to ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) report 2018, only 27.2% of class 3 students were able to read the text books meant for class 2 students, which shows the learning gap among students.

The app will soon be available in several other regional languages. “Bolo” app contains a total of 90 stories, 40 stories in English and 50 in Hindi. Users can choose from a variety of stories available to them at free of cost. Children can also play innovative word games and earn in-app rewards. The app would aim to educate rural students by providing them with one-on-one learning environment.

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