Birmingham-based EdTech Platform, EdifyOnline secured $600k in Bridge Round

EdifyOnline facilitates online courses, minimises student dropouts, boosts student enrolment in education institutions, reduces educational costs, and provides students with the most effective learning experiences possible. The portal acts as a “one-stop-shop” for matching talent demand with available resources. EdifyOnline, a Birmingham-based education technology firm that connects communities with independent teaching talent, has secured $600,000 in a bridging deal. In terms of the funds raised,┬áCEO of EdifyOnline, Vik Agarwal,┬ásaid, “The bridge round was raised in less than a month from when he first tested the waters for potential investors.” EdifyOnline’s most recent fundraise took place in 2020, following a successful period during the pandemic when more clients need virtual classes and lessons. In 2017, the startup was awarded $50,000 in the Alabama Launchpad competition. Education institutions, communities, and students, according to EdifyOnline, are all equal partners in the noble cause of education. Its sole purpose is to bring them all together.

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