New York-based edtech company Edge Pathways raises $8 Million

Edge Pathways is binding the STEM hole by supporting more students to become engineers. This new & effective Pathways course, which allowed services in partnership with university partners, is changing the college expertise to give students a unique for-credit beginners year plan that is extremely encouraged through committed advisors plus the way to real-world professional occasions completely the year and ahead. It recently announced that it has raised $8 million in a seed funding round. The latest funding round was led by Rethink Education, First Round Capital, and Emerge Education. “We understand it’s an opportunity for a unique design that extends way to engineering degrees and gives more industry acumen and adjustment from Day One. With students too frequently leaving college with overwhelming student debt and few expert views, we are pleased to associate with forward-thinking universities to strive for new solutions for getting an engineering degree and enhancing long-term career possibilities,” stated Dan Sommer, CEO and Co-Founder of Edge Pathways. The company has supported above 50,000 students to improve critical digital experiences and improve their employability.

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