Ed-tech start-up Zelda raised funding amount of $0.1 million

South Africa- based ed-tech, Zelda raised angel funding worth $0.1 million. Zelda founded in 2017, is an online platform that helps organisations to find and filter talented youth. The platform combines personality assessments with machine learning to help students make their career decisions and also helps companies make a positive impact on South African youth, while creating a strong pipeline of talent for future hires.

The start-up is working on a three-tiered subscription model. Tier one has a zero monthly fee, with a considerable amount of commission on successful placement of students, tiers two and three have less amount of commission but higher monthly fees for additional features. It has a base of over 500 registered students, without any marketing. Now, the start-up aims to use the funds to expand its operations in other African countries and scale up their marketing budget.

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