Ed-tech start-up Hello World Kids launched an online platform, HelloCode

The Jordan-based startup, Hello World Kids, launched its latest platform, HelloCode, which is an online platform that teaches children (8 years and above) that how to code using interactive story-telling. The platform offers multiple courses in the form of mystery islands, where children can explore by watching videos. The platform can be used by an individual for a quarterly, bi-annual, or annual subscription fee and schools can also purchase it and use it to help teachers to teach students how to code.

“The engagement with HelloCode’s characters along with the creatively-designed episodes and exciting activities involving shapes creates a comprehensive learning environment that introduces kids to a set of crucial life-skills such as problem-solving, computational and cognitive thinking, logical reasoning and creativity, all while having fun,” said Mr Hanan Khader, Founder & CEO, Hello World Kids. So, such a platform should help children to learn coding in early age, which would be interactive, engaging and fun loving for children.

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