Doubtbox offers ‘affordable’ learning model to school students

Doubtbox Edutainment Launched its latest product- Doubtbox- a learning platform that uses multiple intelligence to provide a different learning experience, for the students of class 1-12 at a very affordable price. “The learning methodology adopted by Doubtbox has been formulated by eminent academicians from IITs and IIMs”, says Ranjith Balan, Founder CEO. Doubtbox provides around 8,000 animated topics of class 1-12 from CBSE as well as ICSE syllabus. Also, it provides around 1.25 lakh questions, that covers the entire syllabus in its assessment module.

Students and parents have the choice of selecting the teacher of their choice according to teacher’s qualification, location and experience. Doubtbox has its educational products such as pen drives, tablets and SD cards. Also, it provides ‘Live Teacher Module’ which is a pay-as-you-use model. To use this module internet connection is required. Doubtbox aims to provide a positive educational environment with its educational products at a very affordable price.

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