International students contribute $436 million to the Ireland’s economy

A report has found that international students studying in Irish universities have contributed an estimated $436 million to Ireland’s economy in 2017-18. A report by Irish University Association states that Ireland’s top seven universities had contributed an estimated of $10 billion to the economy in 2017-18, also international students enrolled during that period contributed $244 million in tuition fee alone. In 2017-18 there were 16,701 full-time international students enrolled in Irish universities of which 35% were from Asia, 34% from the US, 21 % from others. “For the purposes of our analysis, we assume average undergraduate annual fees of $20,300 for non-EU(European Union) international students in Ireland,” the report explained. In addition to tuition fee, international students have contributed $135 million in non-tuition fee expenditure, which includes accommodation, subsistence and direct course costs. This shows that education exports not only increases the education standards of a country but it also helps to bring FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) in that country.