Coding & AI-related Start-ups: The most innovative & in-demand courses

India is one of the countries in the world where we have 50% of the population which is below the age of 25. The adoption of technology has rapidly increased in the Indian Education Ecosystem. Due to this, more and more ed-tech start-ups are providing AI and coding courses for students to make them job-ready for the future. Some of these startups are CodeMonkey, StayQrious, CoderBunnyz and DcodeAI. CodeMonkey helps students learn coding from a beginner level and also teaches them how to code in real programming applications and softwares. StayQrious provides an online learning platform that focuses on STEM, technology and 21st Century Skills. It combines India’s top instructors’ hybrid learning models with classes in small groups, which are taught to students by Learning Coaches. CodeBunnyz, is a game-based learning platform where students learn AI skills, programming and coding in a fun manner. DcodeAI offers low code/no-code programs and focuses more on the use of AI to make the concepts and fundamentals of AI clear to students.

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