CBSE has introduced Experiential Learning for students from 2019-20 session onwards

CBSE along with NCERT has been planning schools’ syllabus under experiential learning from 2019-20 session, which would include life skills and other important topics. Therefore, there will be certain changes in the study pattern, such as the schools will plan the curricular activities in such a way, which will enable students to make a connect between the content of one’s learning areas and subjects, one’s life, and the world around. Guidelines has been issued to transact curriculum in a student-centric manner with the promotion of active learning through a focus on reflections and creating and building knowledge in order to promote life skills and value education. CBSE has also integrated health and physical education with academics. Every school has to provide one period per day for sports, which leads to better stress management for children and creates a better environment for learning. National Curriculum Framework (NCF) has also shown the concern to provide guidance and counselling in schools to deal with stress-related problems and to guide students, parents and teachers to lessen the students’ stress. All these initiatives of the government will help students to get the best quality education and will make the teaching process student friendly.