For the Indian market, we deliver customised solutions, using high-end data analytics to help our clients transform their business into newer horizons. Currently, our service portfolio includes:

ELDROK – Centre  For  Consulting

Eldrok is one of the world’s leading strategic and marketing consulting firms, specialize in business intelligence, research and data solutions, B2B market research, business modelling, and marketing advisory services.

We deliver customised solutions, using high end data analytics to help our clients to transform their business into newer horizons.  At the backend, Eldrok researchers conducts in-depth studies, with the help of Eldrok industry specific proprietary business and data models to deliver solutions, which exceed client expectations every time.  

Eldrok – Centre  For  Exhibitions

Eldrok is one of the world’s leading business exhibitions and conferences organizers, specialize in conceptualizing events for three major verticals, namely; Education, Architecture and IT.  With deep and unmatched passion for bringing buyers and sellers together, Eldrok strongly believes B2B business events are true catalysts for strategic business partnerships.

Market research studies, consumer surveys, interaction with business partners, client groups, and industry associations have always been central approach of our business events, which provides unrivalled insights about the business sector to all participating stakeholders.  

Vision and Mission

Our Vision is

“To provide world-class business services to our clients and be the preferred choice of partners in their journey of excellence.”

Our Mission is

“To create sustainable excellence centers for our clients with our business analytics and intelligence.”

With decades of cumulative experience in consulting, marketing, research, events and exhibitions, we aim to transform businesses with our expertise.

We believe that our expertise shall boost area of operations of our clients to provide them high levels of business growth.

“The world is about getting your numbers right”

At Eldrok, we believe in Quantitative and Qualitative Quotient. We are committed to provide solutions to improve bottomline and enhance the core of effectiveness and efficiency of our clients.

Our Values

Eldrok is a value driven organization and its values lay the strong foundation of its culture. Each individual at Eldrok must follow 5 core values (ARISE) which paves the way to its business growth.


Taking control of one’s own actions is a must characteristic of a winning team. We must own up our responsibilities and take ownership of our work. We are also accountable to be socially responsible to contribute in every possible way towards environment and society.


Mutual respect is one of the values which makes our culture friendly and lively. We respect difference of opinions, We respect individual differences. At Eldrok we ensure that each person is treated with dignity and humility.


Change is inevitable and adapting to change is must to stay ahead in performance. With innovation, its easy and effective to enhance our flexibility and that’s why at Eldrok, we appreciate all kinds of innovations. We must strive to innovate ways and means to deliver results for most challenging projects.


Great individuals make great teams and synergy that enable teams to perform with excellence. We believe that when people synergize, they are able to adapt to most odd situations and deliver the results. Synergy brings cohesion and thus unity that enables us to move unanimously towards achieving our vision and mission.


Ethics are non negotiable at Eldrok. We must demonstrate high level of integrity. We are firm on our ethos in both fronts: personal and professional. Ethics is the soul of trust on which we profess our culture to be most congenial to work in.

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